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Politically Correct Climate

29 March 2018
Climate change

The link was sent in by William. At www.yahoo.com/news/m/0c2cbd7b-98c1-365d-853e-618eefe4d915/ss_the-stunnin… … the stunning statistical fraud behind CAGW alarmism. This came from the Investor's Business Daily and concerns NOAA, the US bureau tasked with collating temperature data (among other things weather related). It tells us its data is fraudulent. NOAA has made repeated 'adjustments' to date and the aim is to make them more accurate – so they say. However, all the changes to previously measured temperatures (going back over a hundred years) tend to make older temperatures cooler in order to raise recent temperatures in contrast, for the sake of showing warming in the present (as mentioned in an earlier post this last week). This is why next year will be warmer than last year – in spite of all the cold weather we have enjoyed.

The actual measured temperature record shows something quite different. The global temperatures in the 21st century, so far, has no warming trend – even in spite of the recent overblown El Nino event. It is only when NOAA adjust the data using complex statistical models that change the measurements to reflect their underlying theory of CAGW i.e. co2 is responsible for rising temperatures, that we have any kind of warming trend. In reality the tampered data does not reflect reality – but idealogy.

The Investor's Business Daily goes on to say they  were 'cooling' the data to be 'politically correct'  – and as a government agency this seems to reflect government policy over at least the last 20 years. Politicians like to bathe in political correctness. They'll ignore modern slavery and vice gangs but they'll go into raptures about things of no consequence. Human nature I suppose. Brush one thing under the carpet while making a fuss at something else that comes up on their radar, something that can be jumped on without causing much of a stir. Some 2.5 degrees of fake warming has been introduced into the data since 1895. Pause for a moment – that is 2.5 degrees (no wonder each year is warmer than the year before). Take for example, the current winter of 2017/2018. It has been one of the coldest on record in the NE (the US) yet the NOAA computer wizards have managed to reduce this to 'average' temperatures – nothing out of the ordinary. A similar result was achieved during the cold winter of 2013/2014. The cold was simply adjusted into the ether. This was necessary in order to elevate the warmth generated by the El Nino of 2015. During these adjustments, year by year, you have what amounts to climate fraud – according to some people. Those that think government officials don't have political, cultural, or any other agenda, are naive. They do. Since co2 production is regarded as evil by successive governments (of both parties) these bureaucrats have tended to perpetrate the so called fraud in order to safeguard their careers – or because they genuinely have been persuaded co2 is causing global warming, landscape fires, flooding, and numerous other weather related events. They are either expedient (keeping food on the table) or fully propagandised. At the root of it all is our modern society in thrall to political correctness – especially by government and its organs of state. It has been a useful process by certain politicos in order to score points. How did this mawkish virtue signaling mantra ever get traction in a so called well educated society? Very strange. Political correctness is the source of all kinds of evil – including the ability of politicos to ignore problems crying out to be rectified. Not so much fraud as a lack of critical thinking.

One other point worth thinking on. Would Yahoo News have published this article from Investor's Business Daily (I assume they are capitalist in preference) prior to the Trump presidency (and the rejection of the Paris climate agreement).

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