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K/T again

6 April 2018

Apparently, there are a lot of scientists out there that have reservations about the asteroid/ comet impact theory a the K/T boundary – see https://phys.org/print442051270.html … and these mostly revolve around dating sedimentary layers on a uniformitarian time scale rather than on a catastrophic laying down of sediments (as one would have thought per an asteroid strike). It seems a University of Albany professor suggests the dinosaurs were in serious trouble prior to the K/T boundary event and is seriously putting forward the idea dinosaurs were poisoned by evolutionary emergence of toxic plants. The idea is that 'learned taste' is an evolutionary defence seen in many species – but supposedly, not in dinosaurs. His evidence, however, revolves around dinosaurs being in trouble prior to the K/T boundary and this basically involves blind acceptance of sediments (always) laid down over very long periods of time.

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