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18 April 2018
Climate change

Sea ice in the Arctic has surged since early March – see http://notrickszone.com/2018/04/17/arctic-freezageddon-sea-ice-volume-su… … which is derived from a Japanese blogger but see the Danish site http://ocean.dmi.dk … basically, the there was an immense increase in Arctic sea ice in March and April which caused the down tick to reverse and shoot back upwards. February was mild in the Arctic – if you can call temperature below freezing point mild (or even hot as the alarmists were claiming). In other words, the increase in sea ice completely contradicts the version given out to the CAGW faithful fraternity. Ordinary people realise the late winter weather  contradicted global warming – but the faithful won't be budged. The problem is that the media are in thrall to the catastrophic global warming (or climate change) agenda – fake news if you like. Weather clearly has nothing to do with co2 levels – but all to do with the Sun (which is currently in a minimal state).

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