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Brian J Ford

28 May 2018

Sent in by Robert – an article by Brian J Ford in the magazine Spaceflight from way back in the 1960s when it cost just 4 shillings a copy – go to http://brianjford.com/wbib65.htm …. and remember the article pre-dated the EU theory or anything by mainstream on plasma. Ford foresaw the craters on the moon as having an electrical origin – but invoked static electricity. He also said there were two outstanding features which cannot be accounted for by meteorites or volcanic activity, namely the occurrence of a central peak in many of the craters (but not all of them). The other is a featurel;ess border that may surround them. He also pointed a finger at the pattern of radiating lines associated with many of the Moon's craters which are thought to be splash marks from impacts. Closer study reveals they are aligned tangentially, rather than radially, from the vector.

Ford goes on to hypothesize a theory that involves highly ionised plasma – a transfer of electro statically charged particles. Craters produced by an electrical discharge mechanism show central peaks in craters (but not in all of them) … and so on.

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