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Inconvenient Facts

27 June 2018
Climate change

At https://phys.org/print449127000.html … we have a clear case of reality catching up with CAGW scaremongering. Researchers aboard an ice breaker in the Antarctic waters have dscovered an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island glacier. This is part of the West Antarctic peninsular – the bit that juts out into the South Atlantic (and having all the appearance of once being connected to South America, although the island arc is somewhat contorted as if brutally forced apart). This is where all the CAGW noise about melting ice sheets in the Antarctic has been centred on as there is little evidence of ice melt in the greater mass of Antarctica itself (although there are a couple of hotspots that will also eventually be looked into). The research is published in Nature Communications (June 2018) – but the usual outlets will largely ignore this (and most of the media). It is already known that volcanoes underlie a large section of the West Antarctic peninsular and no doubt these may have an origin in whatever event caused the violent ripping apart of Antarctica from Tierra del Fuego. In the current study it is inferred this heat source is ongoing – and may have contributed to recent ice melt (which was flagrantly exploited by the climate change 'cause' – and the rising sea levels meme that has proved over and over again to be highly hyped and mostly insignificant. The new discovery simply adds to our knowledge of the volcanic nature of the underlying geology of the peninsular but what is different is that the authors attribute this potential heat source to recent ice melt (implying recent volcanic activity). However, they add the caveat that is not all down to volcanism – there are other factors. These  are also well known from other studies (but usually ignored by the scaremongers). This is the fact that the peninsular juts out into the South Atlantic and is affected by the global transfer of heat from the tropical Pacific into the South Atlantic, via the so called ocean conveyor belt system. In other words, the peninsular is undercut by warm water during the transfer (following El Nino events that eventually disgorge the ocean heat at the North Pole – in Arctic waters at the opposite pole). The study brings both these things together to explain recent ice melt in the peninsular – which is why it will be ignored by the CAGW crowd (and their sponsors). It is an inconvenient fact. Conversely, most people nowadays simply switch off at the mention of climate change – even when it supports their own scepticism. 

In addition, the authors provide another source of heat (by utilising research from elsewhere) that provides a three barrelled blast against the CAGW meme – namely, underwater hydrothermal vents. Meanwhile, at https://phys.org/print449151798.html … we are told potential change in the frequency of storms off the coastlines of the UK will have a catastrophic impact on fisheries  – and the ability of fishermen to find enough fish to fill their nets. These people seem to live in a historical vacuum (everything began just a few decades ago when the Internet was invented). Storms were a problem during the Middle Ages – during a cold period of climate (you only have to flick through HH Lamb's books to realise this). Why did the fishing fleets travel all the way to Newfoundland and Iceland, crossing the Atlantic and playing dice with icebergs if this sort of thing has not happened before. Why won't fishermen in the UK adapt to change – or fisher folk anywhere else in the world for that matter as the scaremongering missive from Exeter University does not confine itself solely to the UK. It's a mystery how these minds work – and in any case the European Union has been responsible for virtually decimating the fishing industry in the UK and most of the fleet that now remains is confined to fishing for Dover Sole and other delicacies. Gone are the days of the big cod and haddock fishing fleets – the staples of fish and chip shops. Will of the wisps will be chasing the fish in future – and they think climate change is going to decimate an industry already ruined by the politicos desperate to bribe their so called EU pals into accepting their bid for membership 40 odd years ago. Amazing piece of codswallop by a climate change faction almost devoid of facts. That unfortunately is the nature of most material that is written in support of CAGW – not worth the newspaper used to wrap the cod from the fish shop.

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