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Green Flash on Mars

17 July 2018

At http://spaceweather.com … (13th July 2018) a green flash on Mars as it is approaching the Earth on the nearest point of its orbit. Mars is now an especially bright object in the night sky. Not quite as bright as Venus but still the brightest object apart from Venus, the Sun, and the Moon. See video evidence of the green flash.

Meanwhile, at https://phys.org/print450689325.html …. plasma jets inside the Sun foretell unequal activity of its two hemispheres. Activity on the Sun waxes and wanes periodically. Sunspots, strongly magnetised blotches on the surface, sometimes produce fierce storms – but why this is so is elusive, we are told. Sometimes the northern hemisphere is more active – and sometimes the southern hemisphere. Indian scientists think they have uncovered an otherwise unknown link between plasma jets in the Sun's interior and the sun spot cycle which seem to foretell the unequal activity in the Sun's hemispheres. Plasma material inside the Sun rotates at different rates producing a dynamo effect that creates the magnetic sun spots. The ratge of rotation changes with time with faster and slower stream of plasma jets known as Torsional oscillation superposed on the average rotation. These jets accompany the progress of the solar cycle with their pattern of migration similar to sunpots on the Sun' surface. We shall have to wait and see how this study is received – or what others might wish to change or add.

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