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Miraculous Disposal

17 July 2018
Climate change

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/wind-energys-big-disposal-pro… … wind energy's big disposal problem. Germany has 28,000 wind turbines but many are nearing the end of their lives. Within the next few years a third will have been taken out of service – but disposing of them is a headache (we are told). It seems their concrete bases are 30m deep in the ground. No wonder David Bellamy was upset about wind turbines destroying the plant life of his beloved moorland habitats. The rotor blades contain glass and carbon fibre – and burning them creates toxic gases. I expect the NGOs will turn a blind eye to whatever is decided – even using them as reefs off the coast.

Meanhwile, at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/07/16/bastardi-dropping-ocean-temperatu… … Joe Bastardi, meteorologist, uses historic data in his forecasts and on the basis everything comes around he foresees a return to 1930s hurricane levels off the east coast of North America. Bastardi also has a good reputation for predicting climate – also based on meticulour study of past patterns. He says hurricanes have nothing to do with co2 – all to do with internal sea surface temperature change (which is ongoing, all of the time). Sounds like common sense – bound to br criticised by the CAGW people.

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