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Super Highway

12 August 2018

In Science Reports (August 2018) we have dinosaur tracks found in Alaska – see https://phys.org/print452768549.html … and now it is proposed Alaska was the gateway to the New World for the dinosaurs (and now where have we heard something like that). This is an interesting idea because if it is true it may indicate the Earth's topography was quite different in the dinosaur era. If Alaska was joined at the hip to Siberia and the Atlantic was much narrower than it is now (as Plate Tectonics might dictate)  what might that imply? A smaller Earth. Of course, in reality there is nothing to conflict the idea that North America was not joined to Siberia – as it still is. Although the physical evidence for this is submerged, the continental shelf of Beringia, it is a physical connection that cannot be denied, In other words, it is quite likely Alaska has been joined at the hip with Siberia for a very long time – including during the dinosaur era. Sometimes it is above sea level and sometimes submerged – a bit like the continental shelf around NW Europe, or the continental shelf off the coast of South East Asia. Is this telling us something? Not sure as it doesn't necessarily require an expanding earth model to make it happen, as continental drift (rather than Plate Tectonics) may be able to explain it. I wonder if the authors of this study noticed this anomaly. Possibly not as they were focussed on the dinosaurs and geology is a different discipline.

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