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Stellar Fly By

19 August 2018

This one caught my attention as it is reminiscent of the recent talk by Rupert Holms (see home page of web site). At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2018/08/18/stealing-from-the-solar-syste… … which has the addititional benefit of a few comments.  Could a rogue star passing our solar system disturb the outer ranks beyond Neptune. Oldbrew comments, 'Why does the Kuiper Belt suddenly end? The Kuiper Belt is a huge region of the solar system forming a ring around the Sun just beyond the orbit of Neptune. It is much like the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – but its 200 times more massive. It also contains a large quantity of water, methane, and ammonia ices, the constituents of cometary nuclei orginating there …. The Kuiper Belt is already a pretty unexplored region of the solar system but it has already thrown up a puzzle. The population of Kuiper Belt objects suddenly drops off at a distance of 50 AU from the Sun. This is rather odd as theoretical models predict an increase in the number of Kuiper Belt objects beyond this point. The drop off is so dramatic that this feature has been dubbed the Kuiper Cliff …'.

Another commenter asks, 'what makes them think that the proto system nebula was a simple disk?'  … and later, 'somehow they start with simple creations and then make them complex. In the real universe complex chaos tends to become organised into more simple things …'. EM Smith says, 'the star truncated the disk solution looks like a solution to an already discovered thing. From their link per supernovae (https://astrobites.org/2018/07/02/_trashed-6/ … which reads, 'the shock wave that sweeps through the system can strip material away from the protoplanetary disk completely. Just like we saw with the radiation, this stripping affects the outer edge of the disk more than the inner disk. The result is therefore a truncated disk in which the outer edge has ….'. So they are just looking for more ways it could have been done rather than solving a paradox.

See also https://binaryresearchinstitute.com/bri/evidence/sheeredge/ … which they presented as evidence of the effects of a binary system breakup (which is getting closer to Rupert Holms).

The authors themselves refer to alternative theories such as supernovae and Planet 9. The rogue star is another alternative – but is it viable?

See also www.sis-group.org.uk/news/rogue-star.htm … which was posted a couple of weeks ago. See also https://aasnova.org/2018/07/31/stealing-from-the-solar-system-the-effect…

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