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Fungi Corona

7 September 2018

Remarkable photograph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a huge cloud of mushroom spores as a result of a lawnmower blowing apart the fungi and filling the air to create the creating the corona affect – go to www.spaceweather.com September 8th 2018. It is incredible that fungi spores were able to make the colourful rings around the sun but many of us have seen coronas before. They apear when sunbeams hit small particles in the air, scattering and diffracting the light into rings of colour. Droplets of moisture in clouds commonly make coronas – but pollen from flowers can do the same thing. In the photograph below individual spores may be seen in the sunlight – all because some guy mowed his lawn.


Everything Electric also has some interesting items of interest – see www.everythingselectric.com … for example, regular meetings and talks in London concerning the electric universe, dark streaks on Mars, earth's space weather etc and so on. You may like the post on the Pink Rainbow over eastern England for example …



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