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Equinox Cracks

8 September 2018

At www.spaceweather.com (September 7th 2018) a fascinating claim. Two solar storms are striking the earth this weekend and in the next couple of days, each flowing from a distinct coronal hole in the Sun's atmosphere. Neither is expected to produce strong geometric storms.

  … and over Norway, a fireball too …    … Nevertheless, equinox cracks are opening in earth's magnetic field (the autumn equinox is almost upon us). The claim is that researchers have long known that during the weeks around the equinoxes fissures form in Earth's magnetisophere through which the solar wind can enter – leading to spectacular auroral displays.

At www.spaceweather.com (September 9th) the close approach of a green comet …

   .. a small comet which can be seen in binoculars this month, September. In the middle of the week it will be passing through Gemeni.

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