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SIS Autumn Speaker Meeting

11 September 2018

This will inlcude Bob Johnson's talk, 'Why the Electric Universe isn't the same as the Plasma Universe and Why it Matters' … which will be a two part presentation (with only one other speaker). There wil be breaks in between the 3 parts. Johnson's talk promises to be exciting as he will say the EU differs from the PU by the inclusion of i) recent planetary near collisions with Earth and another celestial body or bodies, ii) the Saturn theory, and iii) the anode sun model of Juergens, the electric sun. These are speculative proposals he will say but they actually rely on evidence of the PU. These are i) birkeland currents, Bruce, Alfven, Perrat etc, ii) Birkeland currents and plasma filaments in space, double layers, parallel electric fields etc, iii) birkeland terella experiments, and iv) petroglyphs of plasma events … and so on.

Birkeland proposed the existence of charged particles in space – but he died in 1917 leaving it open for mainstream to dictate their view of astrophysics in the years that followed. In 1944 Bruce hypothesised about an 'all electric universe' in which currents played a major role. Somewhat later Alfven took up the cause and argued for electric currents in space plasma – but it was not until 1974 that space probe measurements decided the controversy in Birkeland's favour. Perrat coined the term 'Plasma Universe' in 1992 to describe the new discipline which is also known as Plasma Cosmology. He later extended the scope of PU by identifying a relationship between some petroglyphs and types of plasma formation he'd seen in his work on high energy plasma discharges at the Los Alamos research laboratory (see the second edition of his book, published in 2015).

Johnson then makes the point that what you get in the EU box is very different to the contents of the PU box and would not be seen as a valid extension of PU theory by the pioneers (or by Peratt who has made it clear in the introduction to the second edition of his book, 'Physics of the Plasma Universe' NY:2015.

The talk by Bob Johnson is very important as many people find it hard to swallow the EU hypothesis and have tended to be lukewarm towards the PU as well, not realising the difference between the two. Everyone is invited to attend the speaker meeting at the Friends Meeting House in Church Road, Watford on September 29th. Questions from the floor will be taken after his talk and there is a buffet meal available at the cost of £2 (pay on the day). However, people intending to come to the meeting are advised to contact the email contact address on this web site in order for us to be able to calculate how much food to have available.

PS .. another point worth pointing out is that when scientists find evidence of plasma in space this is not confirmation of the EU hypothesis – but confirmation only of the PU. Evidence of the EU may be indicated by the presence of exoplanets and claims of upsets in the early solar system etc. This is quite separate from the PU. At the moment all worlds in collision are thought to go back billions of years in the past. No evidence has been produced of solar system change in recent time – but that is not to say it will never be found. Comets are another matter.

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