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Gravity – Newton and Einstein

15 September 2018

At https://phys.org/print456129421.html … astronomers and physicists have revived a previously debunked theory of gravity, arguing that motion within dwarf galaxies would be slower if they were close to a massive galaxy. This is the Modified Newtonian Dynamics (or MOND as it is usually referred to) – which proved to be a controversial alternative to Einstein's General Relativity model. Modern attempts to keep general relativity alive have resorted to claiming dark matter plays a role – even if it cannot be detected. In the MOND alternative dark matter is not required – which is why some physicists have chosen to support the hypothesis. Such theories are necessary as galaxies rotate so fast they should fly apart – but they do not. In the Plasma Universe model the missing ingredient is electro-magnetism in space.

At https://phys.org/print456135592.html … a river delta on Mars …

   … which may be related to a former ocean basin on Mars.

At www.spaceweather.com (September 15th 2018) the equinox hole has opened in earth's magnetic field. This means auroral displays will be more common than in other times of the year …

   … a fairly weak burst of solar wind from a coronal hole on the Sun produced a huge geomagnetic storm – one of the best display this year. It is called the Russell-McPheron Effect (named after the researchers who first explained it). The equinox cracks are actually opened up by the solar wind itself – as explained at the link above. September is the most geomagnetically active month of the year – a direct result of the cracks.

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