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Electron Rain

20 September 2018

Another video – this time viewable at www.spaceweather.com (September 21st 2018). NASAs latest rocket into space has been a success, deploying the ICESat-2 which is designed to make 3D laser images of earth's surface in order to keep a tally on glaciers etc. However, a pair of tiny satellites were tucked into the rocket and also successfully deployed as well. They were built by students at UCLA's department of Planetary and Space Sciences – which are designed to monitor the ebb and flow of electrons around our planet. The first download of data from these satellites has now arrived – and the video tells the viewer all about it. Unique information about particles raining down on Earth from the Van Allen Radiation Belt are being picked up by sensors onboard the two cubesats and detect electrons in a specific energy range., Thes particular electrons are capable of causing electrical disruption on the surface of the earth.

   … you will need to download an app to get the link to work (at www.spaceweather.com).

The story has also popped up at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/09/20/new-satellites-target-space-weath…

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