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Wood Pellets

24 November 2018
Climate change

This is one of those things where you just have to wonder where they are coming from – and quite how their brains work. It seems the Green Blob have been embarrassed about the amount of co2 involved in bulk carriers bringing wood pellets from Carolina to power stations such as Drax in Yorkshire – and are aimlessly swinging their arms (and their mouths) in several different directions. Earlier in the week there was a report that people were seriously trying to make the bulk carriers (and all shipping) less co2 dependent, even to the really weird idea of bringing back sails. Quite how that works with a big boat nobody is saying – but then these are ideas being floated, not by engineers but the Green Blob. Later in the week we had a post on a blog at the Spectator – by Andrew Montford (a member of GWPF and a bosom pal of Benny Peiser). Are they having a laugh. See if you can spot where the humour may lie and where the whacky idea comes to a siding (laid up with nobody to polish the brasswork). At https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/11/the-threat-to-the-environment-that… (also, https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2018/11/21/the-threat-to-t… ) – the threat to the environment that the green lobby try to ignore (a bit like the way they ignore the number of protected bats killed by wind turbines, or raptors). One part of the country is bringing back red kites and another part of the country is doing its best to kill red kites etc. This one is wonderfully ethereal – perhaps best in the ether than in the habitable zone. The Committee for Climate Change, a quango that advises our government (and you can bet some of them will take it seriously) are suggesting one way to reduce co2 from shifting wood pellets from Carolina to the UK is to start growing and harvesting the trees ourselves. This would mean cutting down our broad leaved woodland and replacing it with quick growing pine trees and some species of willow. Oaks and beech trees, horse chestnut and chestnut, lime and field maple, all these kinds of tree in which the insect, and moth and butterfly populations, have evolved to live in sync with, would be cut down and turned into the first batch of wood pellets – and the woodland area then replanted with quick growing species (for the following batches of wood pellets) solely because the enviros have been laughed at because their brilliant idea of bringing wood pellets across the Atlantic has been proved to produce more co2 than burning coal (mined in the UK). If the first stupid idea doesn't work come up with another stupid idea – and what will happen to the squirrels, mice, voles, owls, songbirds, and other wildlife when they are faced with a thick camouflage of closely spaced pine trees (shading out the woodland floor and suppressing the ability of primroses and other wild flowering plants to germinate and flower). You can't make this stuff up – which must surely be a good case for a quango clear out (but wait a minute, didn't the Tories promise that a few years ago). The next report is in the same vein, another attempt to produce wood pellets (but combining this with a vegetarian blast against meat eaters). Taking onboard the idea that quick growing trees for pellets need to be grown somewhere they have set their eyes on the upland zones of England, Wales, and Scotland – and probably Northern Ireland as well. The hill farms are subsequently under threat – and planting pine trees will kill two cases of co2 production (farting herbivores and the consumption of meat which the vegans assure us is bad for our diet, even though humans have been eating meat for thousands, if not millions, of years). In other words, sheep and cattle are going to be phased out in their plan as they don't have the right kind of stomachs. The fact they don't differ very much from those of mammoths and bison and other Pleistocene animals which inhabited northern Europe in huge herds, farting all over the place, is of no concern to the virtue signalling CAGW brigade. We have decided to have a vegetarian diet – and everyone else must comply to what we think is the right diet for humanity (even if it means bulima induced match stick legs and trunks thinner than a rugby player's calves, pun intended). Do they really think a shortage of British meat will stop people consuming it. Meat can easily be imported from many regions of the world. The only people that would suffer is the farmers. The uplands are used for pasture for good reason – arable crops don't like it up there (and trees in any case are very often stunted).

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