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Water and Plates

25 November 2018

Robert sent in this link to www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6407781/Earth-swallowing-TRILLIO… … which is derived from an article at https://nature.com/articles/s41586-018-0655-4 … which according to Robert has it the wrong way around. It is not the earth swallowing water but the earth disgorging water (or that is what another study claimed a couple of weeks ago, posted here on In the News). In that study water had an origin in the Mantle but in this new study we are told that Plate Tectonics and subduction result in trillions of tons of water being sucked up by rocks on the bottom of the ocean …

   … The Mariana Trench is 1580 miles long and 43 miles wide and is generally believed by Plate Tectonics theorists to be an area in which subduction is taking place. It has actually been investigated by a submersible with a scientist onboard. It looks like a great scar on the ocean bottom – the equivalent of a rift valley on the surface of the Earth. We may therefore expect volcanic activity in the Mariana Trench – but does that prove it is a subduction zone? What is the evidence, apart from a desire to find subduction zones which are in short supply in contrast to the geological opposite.

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