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Emerald Comet

29 November 2018

The comet that was supposed to make a show in November and December has taken a back seat, possibly forgotten as a new comet on the blocks is showing off in the sky right now, Comet Wirtanen. It is situated just below the orbit of the Earth but it is set to make a spectacular entrance in the next few weeks. Go to http://spaceweather.com (29th November 2018). It is hyperactive at the moment, in a way that belies its actual small size. …

   …. the comet is currently moving through the constellation of the southern constellation Fomox – and it is emerald green and bright as a button. Its atmosphere is now as wide as the full moon but this might well grow in coming weeks. Mind you, they were sallivating about the earlier comet after it flared up – and presumably died back down again.

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