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Hibben in for rehabilitation

4 December 2018

Hibben in for rehabilitation. A doubtful ending to a long saga but it seems all the internet anti-Hibben verbals may have got it wrong after all – and there is a catastrophe at the heart of the Alaskan muck deposits. However, not a single catastrophe but a succession of them, all in keeping with the Clube and Napier Taurid complex theory of the 1990s. Go to https://cosmictusk.com/alaska-muck-hibben-frozen-mammoth-comet-catastrophe/ … for the full article published in Nature last year (2017) – with no sign of a response from mainstream. In fact, as pointed out in a 2012 post here the idea of the muck deposit as a catastrophic signature is carefully avoided by academics such as paleaontologists and geologists as anyone mentioning such a rabid idea will be ostracised as a Young Earther, or worse, an anti-uniformitarian pseudo science fraudster peddling poisonous nonsense. Still, it is remarkable that nobody has responded for a whole year – as if the article did not exist. That is of course one way that unwelcome studies are treated by the great and the good. We know best – don't trouble us with improbable ideas.

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