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Eye of the Storm

15 December 2018

Link provided by Robert courtesy of our old friend from Great Yarmouth, and his blog at 'Everything is Electric' – go to https://thedailyplasma.blog/2018/12/09/eye-of-the-storm-part-1/ … the eye of the storm being a reference to the red spot on Jupiter. Andrew Hall, the blog author, claims Earth's geology and weather is a result of capacitance in Earth's electric circuit – and has written extensively in electric universe channels. Hall goes on to say, forget everything you read about in geology. It's wrong. Provably wrong. That is a very big claim so what does he mean? Uniformitarian geology is based on millions and billions of years required to grind and erode rocks to make sands and gravels and shape the features in the landscape we see all around us. Tectonic forces play a role but erosion over long periods of time is the clock that sets geochronology. He claims geological processes are much quicker, the result of capacitor discharge across Earth's atmospheric layers. The Earth's own electric field has electroplated, etched and arced to form the landscape. He then proceeds by presenting us with a long series of images that he says were created by electric winds – and these include basins and mountain ranges.

He also compares features on Earth with features on Jupiter (courtsy of NASA imaging), such as the Great Red Spot. Cyclones on Jupiter produce violent downdraft winds like tightly rotating hurricanes. Craters on Earth, he claims, can be the result of supersonic downdraft winds as produced by powerful cyclones. On close inspection the rims of such craters display due evidence of shock wave patterns – look at the image and decide for yourself, he says, without mentioning that impacts from cosmic bodies also create evidence of shock wave patterns …

   … The reason land forms on Earth are similar to to the clouds on Jupiter is no coincidence he says as they form from the same electrical processes. He then says the sustained storm known as the Great Red Spot is electrically analogous to primordial weather on Earth. In fact, the similarity is so close we can even visually correlate the features …

  … but one might wonder if he is condensing everything into a single overriding explanation of the geology.

Hall is talking here about the primordial Earth and not the electrical situation we currently enjoy – where such electric storms are absent. What caused Earth's electric field to jump into a state of hypertension, he would revela in a later post at his blog. He visualises mountain formation as an electrical process – as if made of whipped cream. He also visualises multiple events and the laying down of layer after layer. Geologically, neutralised matter takes form as rock he says. Ionised dust deposited by an electric wind carries excess charge that must find a bond, forming crystalline rock, or it must migrate along the electric field in currents until it finds a place to bond, and neutralises its charge. If you need the equivalent of laboratory proof he says, just look at welding processes, crystal fabrication, or electro-chemical processes where slag is produced. Rocks are manufactured in his opinion without millions of years of pressure and temperature applied. Electricity, even in small current flow can produce high temperatures that exceed geological processes as in the consensus model. Rocky outcrops, boulder fields, quartz veins, gravel beds, sweeping slopes, triangular flat-irons, volcanic fields, canyons and river beds, they all display the effects of electrical diffusion '''

   … stone spheres are evidence of electric  storms. They are not formed in the ground subject to gravity, nor were they carved by giants. The spheres were formed by dust drawn into lightning channels and fused in the atmosphere like hail stones. Why they appear at or near beaches will be discussed in a future posting.

In the atmosphere the clouds can be regarded as aerial crystals because electrically they form identical to crystals, with a nucleation, aggregation, and diffusion process that expands condensation in the atmosphere in the same way as crystals grow. The liquid crystal growth of clouds will organise into rotating storm systems as a result of capacitance in Earth's circuitry. In effect, Earth stores up energy as a build-up and discharge across a partial plasma layer. Vortex winds, updraft winds and down burst winds, anvil clouds, mumatus, meso-cyclone and tornadoes all are displays of energised cold plasma in a capacitor's electric field.

           …  fractal patterns should appear everywhere, even on other planets. That is exactly what we see in the Great Red Spot on Jupiter because it is also a capacitor induced storm .

Robert also forwarded two other links to Everything is Electric – www.everythingselectric.com/eie-65/ and www.everythingselectric.com/eie-66/

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