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Patterns on Venus

12 January 2019

At https://phys.org/print466332404.html … a Japanese research team has identified a giant streak structure amongst the clouds covering Venus. They aqlso modelled the origins of the feature. The Japanese spacecraft Akatsuki has been orbiting Venus since 2015. It carries an infra red camera that captures coud morphology – even at lower cloud levels.

At https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/ … a mysterious blast in space caught the attention of astronomers and became a focus of NASA telescopes. It is being called the AT2018cow – and yes, a cow. It was a brief and unusual flash spotted in the sky back in June. It has become known as 'the Cow' after the final letters in its official name. Over 3 days the Cow produced sudden explosions of light ten trimes brighter than a typical supernova. It then faded over the next couple of months. However, it had formed close to a star forming galaxy in the constellation of Hercules. Since then we have had a number of papers theorising on what the Cow may represent – from black holes breaking apart to black holes farming, to black holes in a feeding frenzy – or even a black hole colliding with itself.

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