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Light Pillars

18 January 2019

At http://spaceweather.com (13th January 2019) … the image below was taken in New Hampshire in the US – colourful lights above a snow covered landscape …


 … below zero temperatures and ice crystals in the air formed the pillars – by intercepting man made lights and spreading them into columns. The distinctive colours come from the underlying bulbs – the work of humans. High pressure sodium lamps create the warm orange beams and LED lamps yield blue/white colours. No solar activity is required. All it takes is ice and light pollution.

At http://spaceweather.com (16th January 2019) .. we hear of a collision in the asteroid belt – it is thought. A space rock, asteroid 6478 Gault, has sprouted a tail and is now orbiting through the asteroid belt like a comet. It is one of a family of space rocks in the inner belt that are thought to have formed as a result of an collision many moons ago. Gault's tail may be from a more recent collision event and the tail is formed by debris. On the other hand, it may simply have been spaked into life, following solar activity.

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