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Does Dark Matter exist

4 February 2019
Inside science

William sent in this link to https://phys.org/print468152174.html … dark matter may not actually exist. There is an alternative theory and it can be tested, we are told. Dark matter is theoretical. It is required to account for the fact that galaxies do not seem to obey the laws of physics as currently understood. The alternative theory seeks to explain the behaviour of galaxies – by tweaking the role of gravity. The study is published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticles Physics. Not heard of that one before but there are now a plethora of science journals out there.

More down to earth is the press release at https://phys.org/print468245401.html … variations in the sea floor create freak ocean waves. This discusses the fact that large waves are thought to account for the mysterious disappearance of ships over the years. Scientists did not accept them until proof bit them on the bum. Scientists are now looking at them in earnest to try and understand what might cause these intermittent but deadly walls of water. The giant wave is a challenge and now a group of scientists think they might have solved the puzzle. Extremes in the height of the ocean bottom may be the cause – such as sea mounts, old continental pieces of crust, and canyons and deep rifts etc.

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