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Parting View

12 February 2019

Robert sent in this link to www.everythingselectric.com/eie-96/ … which explores possible Electric Universe causes for the shape of Ultima Thule as new images beamed back seem to contradict the early images as the New Horizons spacecraft approached the space rock in orbit way beyond Pluto. See also http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/News-Center/News-Article.php?page=20190208 … Ultima Thule is a variation of Moqui Marbels according to the first link. It has turned out to be fairly flat – unlike the initial images. See also www.spaceweather.com … (12th February 2019) for the same story (and https://phys.org/print468910585.html )…

   … It has turned out to be fairly flat but it depends how it is rotating to what kind of view you get. New Horizons scientists reveal the two lobes are not spherical. The larger lobe resembles a pancake and the smaller one is shaped like a squashed walnut. The new images are a puzzle, it would seem. How could Ultima Thule have formed. Naturally, EU has a theory. Moqui Marbles are found in the Utah deserts – stone balls like small eggs. A comparison has been made with Iapetus, a moon of Saturn (as captured by Cassini). See the first link for these ideas.

Over at https://phys.org/print469096295.html … multi wavelength observations of a star forming region uncovers dozens of new celestial objects. See also www.arxiv.org/pdf/1901.10905.pdf

At https://phys.org/print469106603.html … Earth's surface crust and its moderate climate MAY be due to a massive star in the birth environment of our Sun – according to a computer simulation of planet formation. The article is at www.nature.com/articles/s41550-018-0688-5


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