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Water from Air

6 March 2019
Climate change

An Israeli company has created water from plain air and is set to globally expand its business – see www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Israeli-company-creating-water-from-plain-air-… … Watergen draws air from the atmosphere into a water generator. There, a filter system cleans the air by removing dust and dirt. Once it is cleaned the air is passed through a heat exchanger and cooling process and is condensed into water. Its only requirement is access to electrictiy.

Carbon dioxide as a source of renewable energy – see www.thenewamerican.com/tech/item/31613-carbon-dioxide-the-newest-form-of… … how to make practical use of greenhouse gases – turn them into renewable energy. What has been discovered is that carbon sequestriation can remove co2 from the atmosphere and turn it into a solid form – coal. It can then be stored safely in old mines (including disused coal mines).

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/03/03/anthropogenic-global-warming-agw-… proponents/ ..is a guest post by climate scientist Timothy Ball. The object of dispute in this instance is who is responsible for rising levels of co2 in the atmosphere – humans or natural. As most of the climate science seems to ignore natural causes, yet alone the solar wind and electro-magnetic influences, the consensus has mostly been that we naughty humans are to blame – and some humans appear to have developed a very large dollop of guilt. The IPCC was specifically set up to explore the human caused global warming meme and has generally conducted their business as if it is a fact of life – but is it? One of the claims made by politicised climate science is that co2 lingers in the atmosphere for a hundred years. This actually contradicts the science in which co2 is washed out of the atmosphere over a much shorter space of time – as little as 4 to 6 years. This is about the same time that volcanic dust remains in the atmosphere (although a residue may hang around for a bit longer). One can see that Ball's claim of a short life in the atmosphere has some merit. When one prods the issue with a stick one finds that the 100 year period is designed to keep the blame for global warming firmly on the heads of the old industrialised countries of Europe and North America. Immediately, one is suspicious as currently most of the co2 being produced is coming from countries such as China (and to a lesser extent, other newly industrialised societies in diverse parts of the world). One might laugh if it was not so serious as obviously the wealth accrued by the old industrial societies is what is required by the globalists (to redistribute to non industrial countries). One has to wonder seriously how western politicos can have fallen so completely and utterly for such a fiasco – but there it is. Tim Ball is concerned about the politics of global warming but meantime investors and hedge funds are making lots of money from renewables, and blighting the countryside as well as killing wild life by the hundreds and thousands.

At the end of the piece Anthony Watts adds a note to the effect the graph in figure 8 is unreliable as different locales have highly variable co2 levels.

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