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Galactic Winds

7 March 2019

A NASA 'Day in Review' article, 'Galactic Wind Provides Clue to Evolution of Galaxies' (from the jpl news room at www.jpl.nasa.gov ) is reproduced at https://phys.org/print471016366.html … the magnetic field lines of the Cigar Galaxy follow the bipolar outflows generated by exceptionally high rates of star formation. The Cigar Galaxy is famous amongst astronomers for the speed in which it creates new stars. Researchers have discovered that the galactic wind flowing from the centre of the galaxy is aligned along a magnetic field and transports a large mass of gas and dust. These are the seeds of new stars, it is alleged.


At https://phys.org/print470909217.html …. using a network of radio telescopes European astronomers have investigated a transient phenomenon. It has changed in brightness over the last few decades and now it seems it could be afterglow from a powerful gamma ray burst.

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