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a strange story

18 March 2019
Climate change

At https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/03/16/gwyn-morgan-talk-about-collusion-… … it sounds like the tactics of the old style communists taking over trade unions but this appears to be a serious account that has been rumbling on behind the scenes for quite a while. It has been buried like a coffin by the media so don't expect to hear about it until its all over. A British Columbia based independent researcher, Vivian Krause, has spent ten years exposing the story – checking documents and tax records etc. Every detail has been corroborated, including those that involved US and Canadian tax records as well as documents and statements by the perpetrators. It begins in 2008 when a group of radical American anti fossil fuel NGOs created the Tar Sands Campaign Strategy designed to explicitly landlock the Canadian oil sands in Alberta by delaying or blocking the expansion or development of pipelines. Now, Canadians are beginning to wake up and realise that foreign money and foreign groups, including US foundations set up by very rich people in order to avoid contributing to national taxes, have been donating eye watering amounts of money that have effectively squandered potential economic benefits of selling oil to the US and the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the shale revolution means that the US has been able to fill the gap – an unforeseen consequence. The really disturbing part of it all is that Canadians themselves were brought on to the bandwagon and actively campaigned against their own country – but such is the lure of money. Millions of dollars were poured into the conspiracy and they funnelled moneys to activist groups without revealing publicly the sources of their largesse. Krause has been able to gather irrefutable evidence that tens of millions of US dollars were transferred. She was also able to obtain letters showing the recipients and how they move the funds etc. Go to link for further information.

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