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Byzantine Setback

28 March 2019
Ancient history

At https://phys.org/print472811618.html … ancient rubbish mounds reveal a 6th century AD episode of climate change affecting a Byzantine town site in what is now Israeli territory. The rubbish, or trash mounds, were found outside the settlement of Elusa and a little digging revealed they formed by discarded material from the town, in a way suggesting an organised form of collection and deposit. They also found that the town had fallen on hard times – but what caused it. They suggest it was due to the plunge in temperatures after AD536 (sometimes known as the Late Antique Little Ice Age). On the other hand it may have been due to the conflict between the Byzantines (the eastern Roman empire) and the Persian (empire) which was ongoing at this period in time with Persians invading Roman Levant.

At https://phys.org/print472818117.html … the Egyptians have announced archaeologists have found a 3000 year old port where stones were transported to build temples and palaces etc. It is located near Gebel el-Silsilla (in the vicinity of Aswan). The port dates back to dynasty 18. The announcement does not go into detail. That will come later.

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