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Cosmic Catastrophism

25 April 2019

William Thompson's 'Cosmic Catastrophism affecting the Earth – Bibliography and Handbook' is now available to access at https://www.third-millennium.co.uk/features … this is the web site of Paul Dunbavin who has recently published another book, 'Towers of Atlantis' (available at Amazon and Good Reads). The annotated bibliography and handbook on cosmic catastrophism was prepared to keep track of articles, books, reports, and other related media to potential catastrophic events on Earth caused by cosmic visitors such as planets, asteroids and comets. Occassionally documents pertaining to cosmic catastrophes outside the Earth's environment are listed because they may have bearing on the mechanisms causing catastrophes on Earth. An example is found in Hyodo et al (2016) 'Ring Formation Around Giant Planets by Tidal Disruption of a Single Passing Large Kuiper Belt Object'. These types of events may also be reffered to as astral or sometimes planetary catastrophism. Well done for a magnificent index of catastrophist material.

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