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North Sea Bottom

15 May 2019

This one comes courtesy of https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/may/08/mapping-begins-of-lands-… … a collation of 15 years research is being put together in a map of the bottom of the North Sea. Research is beginning on the finer details, dredging for evidence of human activity on what was dry land prior to 8000 years ago. Expect some surprises. Some interesting places which might produce results have been isolated from the mapping. The Guardain piece says the land between Britain and southern Scandinavia but it may actually be principally aimed at the southern North Sea basin, between Denmark and East Anglia. The water is much shallower here than in the northern basin (which was also dry land in the early Holocene period). Sedmiment cores are part of the process as this allows scientists to look out for DNA of plants and animals that may have existed on the dry bottom. It is hoped that actual human settlements will be found.

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