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15 May 2019
Climate change

The European export of plastic consumer waste to developing countries is coming to an end – and no word about it from David Attenbrough or the BBC. The Greens are also keeping their mouths shut in the hope the news won't catch the attention of Joe Public, according to a press release (15th May 2019) from the www.thegwpf.org … Much of the recycled plastic from Europe ends up in the rivers and oceans of Asia. Meanwhile, there is a constant stream of verbals from the usual suspects about our use of plastic, even to the point of telling us it is our fault that plastic supermarket bags and plastic straws get into the water system and out into the wider ocean. The truth is somewhat different. It is the process of recycling that is to blame – pushed for over the years by those same usual suspects. The EU doesn't like landfill (another Green imposition) so what are they going to do?

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