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Urban Heat

20 May 2019
Climate change

At https://notrickszone.com/2019/05/18/royal-meteorological-society-confirm… k/ …. the Royal Meteorological Society has confirmed the urban heat island effect has significantly increased daily minimum temperature in the UK by up to 1.70k. Has global warming finally being brought back to earth we may wonder as that would imply it was all about where instruments are placed. It seems that in cities and towns where buildings act as heat absorbing sinks it takes longer to cool down at night. Climate scientists don't like to delve too far into the urban heat effect. Or rather, the loud and demonstrative climate scientists feeding the angst do not like to stray too far from their models. The new study focusses on London and has the title, 'How much has has urbanisation affected United Kingdom temperatures' and was published in Atmospheric Science Letters. In the analysis the author identifies four primary factors … 1) anthropogenic causes of heat, particularly during winter (heating systems in buildings for exampel) 2) The geometry of urban surfaces whcih trap radiation and obstruct radiation from the sky, 3) The effect of buildings which impede the passage of light summer winds, and 4) The availability of moisture for evaporation in the countryside (where temperatures are consistently cooler). It seems that the urban heat effect in London was being studied back in the late 19th century and of course, that has been ignored by the current crop of enviros who are computer driven modernists. If it ain't on the Net it doesn't exist. A bit like all those Met Office records in the basement dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries which show that Arctic ice recedes and comes back on a regular basis – much as it is doing right now.

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