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The Greek Pyramid

23 July 2019

As canny readers will have observed from images of the previous post on the Greek pyramid in the Aegean Sea there was certainly no pyramid itself (or a building resembling a pyramid) but the pyramid was the island itself. It looked like a pyramid – or nearly so. No pointy top of course and no topping of a thunderbolt/meteor. It was the island that resembled a pyramid which was enhanced by the use of white marble that was brought by sea from Naxos, around six and a half miles away. In fact, 10,000 tonnes of white marble was brought to the island. However, it was not an island at the time but a peninsular of Keros. See for example https://greece.greekreporter.com/2019/07/13/marble-pyramid-island-uncove… … a marble pyramid island, Daskalio, off the island of Keros

   … it was part of Keros prior to a rise in sea levels (as noted by Laurence in the previous post). It is in fact a monumental complex of buildings and the walls around the island were built of white marble (as many of the buildings etc). One is impressed by the sheer enterprise involved in bringing so much marble from Naxos to Daskelio by boat. It only goes to show the importance of the colour white in the so called sanctuary. White is the colour of light at night. The focus of the sanctuary was therefore cosmic in origin. It is estimated it would have involved 3500 trips lasting roughly 5 hours each boat trip (in open water). The article points out that it was part of a worldwide explosion of monumental building – contemporary Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids, and they even mention the lost city of Eridu. The Russian news have reported it as well – see www.rt.com/news/416375-technology-discovered-ancient-greek-pyramid-keros/

At https://www.yahoo.com/news/4-600-old-greek-pyramid-061700770.html … the Yahoo science contributor Owen Jones takes a different slant to most of the media. Fitting for someone with an independent outlook. He points out that reports of a pyramid wer untrue and it refers to a tiny island with a pryamidal shape. Currently, it is 90m west of Keros and is naturally shaped like a pyramid (but not exactly so). People had built a series of walls of white marble that gave it the appearance of a stepped pyramid. It may therefore be earlier than Stonehenge and the Giza pyramids, one might ponder.

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