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Solar Barycentre

17 August 2019

The theory advanced by Rhodes Fairbridge in the mid 20th century appears to be on the verge of a revival, of sorts. This is the idea of a solar barycentre that affects the journey of the planets around our Sun as the latter spins on its axis and is influenced in turn by the bigger planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. A new paper by the controversial Valentin Zhakova has been published in the journal Nature – see www.nature.com/articles/c41598-019-45584-3 … and is discussed at https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/zharkova-uses-solar-planetary… … where it seems Zharkova is predicting a solar grand minimum followed by several centuries of warming. A foot in two camps perhaps. The basis of her prediction involves the journey of the Sun around its barycentre. However, the title of the piece, which can be downloaded in full, is somehow more titillating – 'Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale'.

As in all of Zharkova's work it is very dense and therefore difficult to get the head around. I suspect it will be ignored. In effect, she is saying the oscillations of the solar magnetic field are likely to be caused by the solar inertial motion about the barycentre of the solar system caused by large planets. This, in turn, is closely linked to an increase of solar irradiance caused by the positions of the Sun either closer to aphelion and autumn equinox or perihelion and spring equinox. Therefore the oscillations of the baseline define the global trend of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance over a period of about 2100 years. We have a Modern Warm Period as opposed to the Roman or Medieval Warm periods. On the other hand the planets may not unduly influence the Sun and some other mechanism must account for the various cool and wet periods experienced in NW Europe – but is she seeking to explain the latter rather than the frequency of the warm episodes.

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