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Hexagon Cyclones

20 December 2019

I'm sure this story, or something like it has been up on Thunderbolts at some time or the other. At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2019/12/13/nasas-juno-navigators-enable-… … NASAs Juno missio and a Jupiter discovery – six cyclones forming a hexagon pattern around a central cyclone at Jupiter's south pole. The discovery occurred back in November (2019) during a data gathering flyby of Jupiter. In fact, after several flybys had taken place the data confirmed the idea the 5 wind storms were swirling in pentagonal patterns around a central storm at the south pole – and the system appeared to be stable. However, during the latest pass a new, smaller cyclone, tried to join the party, so to speak, and the pattern moved from a pentagonal one to a hexagonal one, even though it is much smaller than the longer established cyclones …


See also https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/12/13/nasas-juno-navigators-enable-jupi… .. which has further images … but see also www.nasa.gov/juno

Meanwhile, at www.scienceve.com/bermuda-triangle-mystery-solved/ … the Bermuda Triangle solved – that is the claim. A NASA satellite orbiting 450 miles above took images of coastal clouds and encountered something strange – a hexagon shape. A similar sea of turbulence above the North Sea shows a further hexagon shape. These hexagons harbour an area of high wind and turbulence, up to 100mph and therefore capable of generating big waves. Some scientists think such powerful winds exist below the hexagonal clouds off the Bahamas, creating air bombs. These are formed by mini bursts of wind of up to 175 mph (enough to sink boats). What might be the link to the hexagonal cyclones on Jupiter?

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