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Jupiter chucking stuff at Earth

11 January 2020

The two links below were sent in by Gary. At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7870125/ … Mars is losing water faster than previously thought we learn. This may effect the search for life – as water is the assumed key. It is thought water on Mars was a fact – in the past. A residue is still locked up in polar ice caps. Indeed, NASAs Global Surveyor, a few years ago, found gullies that may have been created by flowing water – although that is an open question. Various Mars rovers and Landers have recorded the presence of water beneath the crust of Mars, and in 2019, Curiosity Rover found potential building blocks of life in a Martian lake bed (thought to be a lake bed). Now, according to a new study, water vapour in the atmosphere of Mars has been found to be more prolific than previously thought – which means it disappears even more quickly.

At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7872371/ … it has long been recognised that Jupiter represents a barrier to comets entering the inner solar system, deflecting those on an earth bound trajectory. Now, it seems a leading physicist has come out against this idea – but not in its entirety. He says Jupiter also acts like a cosmic sniper – with Earth falling into its cross hairs. He says Jupiter more often than not hurls rocks towards the Sun and the inner planets, rather than deflecting them away, or suck them up. He says Jupiter does protect Earth from some space missiles but it also redirects others in Earth's direction. A  video of the process is included. In other words, Jupiter is just as likely to send comets our way as it is to send them in another direction (away from the orbit of the Earth).

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