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24 February 2020

We've had a rash of fireball reports recently, in different parts of the world. We begin with one that ocurred  in September last year above Germany. At Flensberg a citizen found a stone weighing 24.5g on the lawn of his back garden, bearing a black fusion crust. It was carbonaceous – but not your usual sort. It contains minerals – silicates and carbonnites (see https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com/2020/02/first-research-resul… ) …


At https://spaceweather.com ()February 21st 2020) we have a meteor over the Domincan Republic in the Caribbean …


Meanwhile, https://spaceweather.com (February 23rd, 2020) we have a new comet to keep an eye out for as it comes close to the Sun in the month of May this year. Comet Atlas is already bright and living up to it's name. It is thought it could well be spectacular in the coming months and may even be a remnant of the Great Comet of 1844 (which was visible in daylight hours).


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