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Syrian village melted by airburst

9 March 2020

At https://cosmictusk.com/breaking-from-the-crg- earliest-syrian-village-melted-by-cosmic-hell/ … where crg stands for the Comet Research Group (https://cometresearchgroup.org ) …. Abu Hureyra in northern Syria is the site concerned, one of the first sites associated with the beginnings of crop cultivation. However, found among the cereal grains and splashed on buildings and the houses of people was melt glass – formed at extremely high temperatures. So high in fact they would have melted a Range Rover or a Cadilllac within a minute. That is very hot and way above human capabilities. It is in fact evidence of a violent high velocity phenomenon, such as an airburst event. Other forms of catastrophic vector have yet to be explored. The blog author prefers an actual impact – over NE N America or Greenland. The jury is out on that but the dates roughly coincide with the Younger Dryas boundary event. The findings are published in Nature journal 'Scientific Reports'. Research for the contents of the paper came from a wide group of scientists including Michael William Galtois of Liverpool University in the UK and Bill Napier of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland. Others include Andrew Moore, James Wittke, James Weaver, Malcolm le Compte, Victor Adedji, Robert Hermes and Allen West, all from the US, and Gunther Kletetschka from the Czech Academy of Sciences. See https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-60867-w (2020)

Various other people were also involved in laboratory analysis, as well as their institutions.

Steven Mithen, in 'After the Ice:a global human history 20,000 – 5000BC', has quite bit to say about Abu Hureyra, but is concerned only with the archeology. It seems that Andrew Moore led the excavations at the site, a rescue operation in advance of a dam (it is currently submerged in the lake behind the dam). This would have been a necessity as the current investigation is actually going through the old excavation report and not having the person in charge of that would have made it less than convincing.

At https://cosmictusk.com/lake-tahoe-tsunami-younger-dryas-impact/ … a huge rock shelf on the western shore of Lake Tahoe collapsed and 5 square miles of rock and sediment fell into the alpine lake in California/Nevada. It sent a tsunami wave across the lake leaving scars on the landscape that are still visible today. It may also have occurred temporary with the Younger Dryas boundary event – although that is not certain. It may have occurred somewhat earlier – at the end of the Late Glacial Maximum.

See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_M._T._Moore

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