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Molten Iron Rain

13 March 2020

Gary sent in this link – https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/mar/11/scientists-identify-rain… … and the same story has been all through the media and blogosphere. Gary makes a connection with his own theory that vapourised rock on Mars fell to Earth and condensed out of the atmosphere in the form of quartz grains = Sahara sand (as well as other sand deposits). This is outlined at www.godkingscenario.com/blog/sand-sahara-desert-come … and he also wrote a book, 'Extraterrestrial Sands' Gary Gilligan, Matador:2016. The theory was recently on Electroverse – and has been aired elsewhere.

He quotes the Guardian, 'on the day side, which is 1000 degrees hotter, molecules separate into atoms and iron evaporates into the atmosphere to form metallic clouds. The extreme temperature difference between the day and night sides produces ferocious winds that carry the iron vapour to the cooler night side, where temperatures decrease to about 1,500C and the iron condenses and falls as rain that constantly peppers the planet's gas surface and vanishes beneath it'.

'One could say that this planet gets rainy in the evening, except it rains iron' said David Ehrenreich, a professor at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the lead author of the paper.

On pages 204-5 of his book, Gary actually mentions iron vapour and iron rain ( in association with the birth of Mercury), and iron rich basalt on Mars.

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