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Lightning in a stone circle

19 March 2020

Robert sent in  this link – see image below …

   … Robert makes the comment, 'in the aerial photgraph do you see a faint circular pattern? Electric Discharge Mechanism forming a crater' he wonders. Do you see the same thing? The story is at www.heritagedaily.com/2020/03/ancient-secret-of-lightning-strikes-at-sto… … The story of the discovery of the lightning strike at a stone circle close to Callanish on the Isle of Lewis has already appeared on the News so there is no requirement to go through it again. You can read about the discovery at the link provided by Robert. What is interesting is that the archaeology team hope to return to Lewis in the summer to undertake further surveys. This  also includes a survey of the waters around Tursachan of Calanish as rising water levels may have flooded some interesting archaeology. Tim Raub of St Andrews says these evidences of lightning are rare because lightning strikes are conducted along the top 'skin' of the Earth's surface. The clarity of the strike suggests this one struck prior to the formation of the peat it was buried under – and therefore it occurred before 3000 years ago (and we might add before 4000 years ago as peat formation was particularly prevalent in the late third millennium BC).It may even go back to 3000BC.

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