Downright Weird

27 April 2020

This is one of those quotes that might haunt the interviewee. At … in this study we are told new findings suggest the laws of nature are behaving in a 'downright weird' way. This is because they are not as constant as previously believed – which means this is yet another piece on the discovery that the universal constant seems to be annoyingly inconstant (see earlier posts on the same subject). This appears to be particularly true of the outer fringes of the cosmos. It is also directional. The discovery began with the measurements of light emitted by a qasar which appeared to show variations in the constant. The fine structure's constant is a measure of electro-magnetism – which keeps electrons whizzing around a nucleus in every atom in the universe. It was thought it was an undimmable constant through time and space but recently anomalies have been found. Slightly weaker and stronger measurements of the electro-magnetic force are puzzling, we are told.

This story is now at… … with some interesting comments.

At… … the hot gas found between galaxies. The inter galactic medium is ionised. We are told the early universe started out very hot but rapidly expanded and cooled allowing hydrogen to combine to form neutral atoms. This of course refers to Big Bang and the expansion of the universe – when ionisation is thought to be non-existent it would seem. When and how did the neutral atoms become ionised in the puzzle this article seeks to address (see ). Cosmologists have toyed with the idea that ultra violet radiation emitted by young stars was the catalyst for ionisation. However, that theory was shot down as star forming galaxies have lots of molecular gas and dust. The latter absorbs UV radiation. Various other theories have been offered and in this one we have the idea that some galaxies are like oligarchs – big and flamboyant and the big guns of the universe. It is those galaxies that provide the UV to kick start ionisation in space. I'm quite sure the Electric Universe people will have a nice response to this disclosure – made in desperation one might surmise.

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