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solar flaring

29 May 2020

At https://spaceweather.com (May 29th 2020) we have news of a big solar flare on one of the flanks of the Sun. Flare activity appears to be intensifying. For the first time in over a year the sun if  flaring quite dramatically. However, it is not yet facing the earth and when it does, next week, the flare may have diminished somewhat.

Over at https://phys.org/news/2020-05-cosmic-unveil-universe.html … cosmic bursts unveil universe's missing matter. Asstronomers have used very fast radio bursts to solve a mystery. The missing matter of the universe. Researchers deem it exists in the vast space between stars and galaxies. 

They begin by saying 'we know from measurements of the Big Bang how much matter there was at the beginning of the universe. When we looked out into the present universe we could not find half of what should be there …'. They  know, for sure, how much matter there was in the beginning.

They go on to say they detected the missing matter by using fast radio bursts – very brief flashes of energy that come from random regions of the sky. Scientists don't know what causes them, they admit, apart from the fact it involves intense amounts of energy. It seems one mystery is being used to explain another mystery. No mention of electricity in space in order to account for the radio bursts.

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