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Panspermia and Covid

2 June 2020

Cosmic Tusk have been pushing the idea Covid 19 arrived from space – in an exploding meteor. See for example https://cosmictusk.com/cosmos-magazine-disease-from-space-article-suspic… … funnily enough the article seems to have hit a raw nerve as the powers that be have seen  fit to withdraw the article (after having a short life on the internet). Cosmos magazine has some really good articles but like all things mainstream has a predilection to follow the lines set out to them by the swamp. The idea of a virus from space at this moment in time is strictly a no go at this point in time – and Cosmos magazine probably did the decent thing. Why muddy the waters. Never the less, it makes interesting reading. I went out and purchased a second hand copy of one of Chandra Wickramasinghe's books on the subject and may come  back to the theme at a later date.

A much more hilarious theme is uploaded by Anthony at https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/06/03/hump-day-hilarity-how-science-vs-… … and all you need do is look at the image at the top of the link – a chart cataloguing the differences between what science is supposed to be about and how climate science does science. No need to read anything else.


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