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Data tampering

23 June 2020
Climate change

This is a major accusation – NASA GISS alter temperature data. Well, they do that by claiming to bring old data in line with modern data, but is it illegal. I would not have thought so. Is it corrupt. Well, depends what side you are on I suppose. The alleged crime is that they have changed cooling to warming in a quite blatant manner. We might ask, if so how are they getting away with it? All is revealed at https://notrickszone.com/2020/06/23/systemic-data-tampering-nasa-giss-al… … which comes with comments (but just a few). This is an English language German blog. Lots of graphs and videos and farily comprehensive take on deliberate manipulation of temperature data. In the blog author's opinion. What is it all for apart from keeping the climate change hype alive. Money, we might assume may lie at the heart of it all, somewhere down the line.

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