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Sun Spot Cycle

28 June 2020

Tall Bloke again. At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2020/06/27/motions-in-the-sun-reveal-inn… … motions in the Sun are said to reveal the inner workings of the sunspot cycle. We are told ionised gas, or plasma, moves towards the poles of the surface of the Sun as well as towards the equator, at the base of the convection zone (see also https://phys.org/news/2020-06-motions-sun-reveal-sunspot.html …). The Sun's magnetic activity follows an 11 year cycle. Over the course of those 11 years the activity comes – and it goes. Remarkably, the time taken for the plasma to complete the loop is approximately 22 years – which provides a physical explanation for the Sun's 11 year cycle. Furthermor, sun spots emerge close to the equator as the solar cycle progresses. The origin, where each new solar cycle begins, is at higher latitudes and takes 11 years to reach the equator. It then subducts and returns to higher latitudes at depth while another wave of sunposts moves from higher latitudes to the equator (of the Sun). Meanwhile, the subducting plasma is moving to a higher latitude in order to begin the following cycle, a loop of 22 years. Unfortunately, the article provides no mechanism to explain why the loop carries these two discrete waves of sun spot producing plasma. Something else seems to be going on.

Interesting comments at the first link.

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