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Plate Tectonic Change

10 July 2020

At https://phys.org/news/2020-07-plate-tectonics-rewrites-history-earth.html … plate tectonics research rewrites the history of earth's continents, we are told. Or is it a bit of jiggery pokery with the hypothesis – playing around at the edges instead of jumping in full throttle. Curtin University has found some evidence to suggest the earth's first continental assemblage was not formed by subduction as in a modern plate tectonics manner. It was created by a different process, is the claim, contradicting the generally accepted idea. Sounds very much like tinkering at the extremities. Researchers measured the iron and zinc isotopes in ancient rocks in cental Siberia and South Africa and determined those rocks were probably formed in a non subduction environment. The researchers then go on to outline their own theory as to how the first continents formed. See also https://doi.org/10.1130/G47647.1

Meanwhile, William sent in a link to www.yahoo.com/news/earths-magnetic-field-flip-10-175300460.html … earth's magnetic field can flip ten times faster than previously allowed. The story pops out of the woodwork at the same time as we are being told the magnetic field is moving more rapidly than it has ever been known to – all part of the scary end of the world as we know it alarmism. Needles to say, computer simulation was involved. One problem might be that they say earth's magnetic field is generated by electrical currents that form fron molten globs of iron circulating in the innards of the earth. An assumption. The so called liquid outer core is also an hypothesis. What if … ? 

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