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14 July 2020
Climate change

Here we have a graphic illustration of how the BBC does climate science. We've endured their political shenanigans over Covid 19 and the pure theatre of their opposition to Brexit but surely their incessant bigging up of climate doomsterism is the ultimate in self indulgence. The full weight of BBC propaganda is all too obvious but this story takes the biscuit. A dunking biscuit. It seems Willie Soon got a missive by an editor of an upcoming programme on BBC television – where the outcome has been decided before it starts. Willie Soon is a physicist and has co authored a number of articles challenging the idea co2 is about to cause global warming (or climate change). He does this from a scientific perspective, and as somebody that actually has some understanding of the atmosphere and how the earth system works. In spite of that the doomsters chose to demonise him as he was not on song with climate change alarmism. Why environmentalists would think they know more  about the climate than somebody like Willie Soon is a mystery by itself, but apparently they sincerely believe they are right and therefore he must be wrong. The end of the world is nign.

Of course they don't really think the end of the world is nigh – but they do want to force their doomsaying on the people. Why the BBC are onside with climate  change is also a mystery. Has somebody been bungng them is the first thought, or is it just because they are woke. Woke as woke can be. Who knows – and who cares. The programme has a typical consensus message – Big Oil are the baddies. One can see renewables as the source of a lot of dosh as they stand to make a fortune by putting fossil fuels out of business, which appears to be the intent. They are already making eye watering sums of money from subsidies paid out of electricity bills etc., but without fossil fuels as a cheap alternative they are on to a cracking future. They will need to construct some more bank vaults in order to house all the money streaming out of things such as carbon credits, renewables and digesters, and so on. Why they think the money tree will persist with the end of fossil fuels is another mystery. China is the future and there ain't no place in their world for big shot billionaires in the West. Go to https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/07/13/bbc-asks-dr-willie-soon-to-respon… … which has a lot of brass neck as far as the BBC is concerned, accusing him of being in a conspiracy with Big Oil and then asking him for a comment on each point they make about him. The response would of course be pruned and edited to make it look like he was a criminal rather than a scientist. The sheer arogance of the BBC and the alarmist point of view is out of this world. What planet do these people live on.

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