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electric tomatoes

14 July 2020

Gary sent in the link to https://phys.org/news/2020-07-electrical-tomato.html … it seems the soil beneath our feet is alive with electrical signalling. These provide signals among plants, such as tomatoes planted in rows, which have been detected by a professor of electrical and computer engineering. Is it plant communication? What are they telling each other. Well, it would seem that mycorrhizal fungi plays a role. Fungi is a very old life form. Gardeners are encouraged to add mycorrhizal fungi when planting trees and shrubs in order to assist in root growth. So, fungi and roots, a communication web beneath the ground. Plant scientists know a lot about mycorrhizal fungi but have they considered its electrical nature? Plants generated electric signals that propagate through their parts (stems and leaves and fruit or flower). What benefit the electrical activity may have is left unsaid.

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