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A Cloud over Mars

31 July 2020

The link was provided by Gary. At www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-8577081/ … and concerns an mysterious cloud on Mars which is over 1000 miles in length. It was spotted back in 2018 and then went away. It is now back. Researchers think it is made of water ice.

Over at https://spaceweather.com (30th July 2020) … we have the 1903 solar storm which occurred during solar minimum. This is evidence the Sun has not gone to sleep when in minimum, one might say, as in spite of a low rate of sun spots the Sun is still active and potentially dangerous as far as CMEs are concerned. We are corrently between two solar cycles, the precise situation in 1903. A big CME event can be funneled up by the Sun at any time. In  October of 1903 they were in minimum when unexpectedly a sun spot of the new cycle unleased a powerful jet of plasma towards the earth. It is ranked 6th in the list of geomagnetic storms that have occurred since 1850. It disrupted communications around the world and aurorae could be seen in both hemispheres.  The northern lights could be seen as far south as Colorado

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