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Origin of Water on Earth

5 August 2020

This one comes courtesy of Hokkaido University – see www.global.hokudai.ac.jp/blog/new-insight-into-the-origin-of-water-on-th… … with the actual research paper published in Scientific Reports – see https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-64815-6 … Japanese scientists have found interstellar organic matter could produce an abundant supply of water simply by heating. This suggests that organic matter could be the sources of terrestrial water – with an origin in space or otherwise, inside the innards of the earth, perhaps – since the formation of the planet. This idea is a big switch form mainstream. They are talking about interstellar organic matter (but the experiment was done on earth with earth materials). Not only that but heating it would not only produce water – but also oil. Is this the vaunted origin of the oil on earth? The researchers looked at organic matter in molecular clouds using chemical reagents. The mix was heated from 24 to 400 degrees under a protected condition in a diamond anvil cell. After passing 100 degrees the mixture was separated into two plases. At the 350 degree mark water droplets formed – and the size of those droplets increaed when heat was increased to 400 degrees. At 400 degrees, in addition to water droplets, black oil was produced. It sounds almost Velikovskian. Chemical analysis of the oil showed similar characteristics to similkar oil brought up from inside the earth at oil well facilities. Did oil rain down on earth or was oil produced by abiotic means in the earth.


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