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Science and the Press

10 August 2020
Climate change

An interesting riposte by an Australian geologist of note, Ian Plimer, to climate alarmist reporters who took exception to an article of his in The Australian (which is in the Murdoch stable and out of reach of their tentacles). However, that didn't stop them trying to take a high moral path, with typicle puffed up arrogance. The Press Council in Australia, not your garden variety of ordinary journalist but one charged with having some common sense as it is supposed to be able to pontificate on complaints it receives from the public. Sadly, they were not up to the job and got an ear bashing from Plimer. They objected to various aspects of his article, obviously under the impression that activist science is actually proper science. One of the criticisms was his statement that there 'are no carbon emissions. If there was we could not see them because most carbon is black  …'. His riposte to the haughty committee of journalists was to the effect the Press Council should know basic English and the difference between an element (carbon) and a compound (carbon dioxide). This is elementary schoolkid's science. For the Press Council to claim that this is factually incorrect shows breathtaking ignorance.

See the rest of the post at https://climatechangedispatch.com/the-australian-press-council-is-a-hive… … as Plimer sent on to say, each of the past six major ice ages began when the atmospheric co2 content was far higher than at present. The idea that a slight increse in atmospheric carbon dioxide could lead to unstoppable global warmimg is demonstrably wrong … etc. Pretty damning. If it wasn't for the politicos falling for this nonsense, a new way of introducing taxes which they could spend, it would have come to an impasse several years ago, laughed out of court. I bet the activists never thought it would get this far. Weren't they lucky. The media, it seems, are the useful idiots. Plimer hits it on the head with their ignorance of the science. Social science overriding physics. Donkeys leading the blind, the not very interested, and the otherwise engaged. Welcome to Orwell by the sea. You are entering uncharted territory. Covid 19 has put western economies close to the rocks. Climate change is designed to steer them right on to the rocks, holing them below the water line (the dividing point between the holy grail and reality).


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